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About the company
AZMOL British Petrochemicals
The company has established itself as a major producer of lubricants, meeting the high requirements of customers.
As a member of the National Lubricating Greases Institute (NLGIUSA) and the European Lubricating Greases Institute (ELGI), AZMOL has proven that their products meet the highest requirements.
With improvements and the addition of new technologies, AZMOL is the leader in lubricants.
You can buy AZMOL lubricants in Uzbekistan from our official representatives at the best prices
AZMOL products
Azmol offers a wide range of high-quality greases for various industries
Lubricants for use in various industrial applications
Used in equipment where there are no special requirements to the level of properties of used lubricants.
Passenger Vehicle Lubricants
Commercial Vehicle Lubricants
Why choose us
Advantages of choosing AZMOL Uzbekistan
Azmol products are manufactured according to the technologies of European technology leaders and developed under the guidance of reputable organizations.
Due to the unique formula of oils and greases, the performance of the engine is increased. Low number of deposits. High cleaning properties.
Protects engine parts from wear and tear. Stability of oil properties. High reliability.
Noise suppression in the car engine. Reduction of oil consumption during operation.
  • Motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars, vans and light trucks;

  • Transmission oils for use in manual and automatic transmissions of passenger cars, vans and light trucks;

  • Greases.
The PVL segment includes:
  • Engine oils for diesel engines in heavy-duty trucks, on-highway and off-highway equipment;

  • Transmission oils for use in manual and automatic transmissions in trucks and other mobile equipment;

  • Plastic greases.
The CVL segment includes:
  • Gear oils, compressor oils, turbine oils;

  • Sliding guide oils;

  • Hydraulic fluids;

  • Various lubricants.
The Industrial segment includes:
  • Our greases provide reliable protection of machinery and equipment against friction and wear;

  • Our products comply with international quality and safety standards, which guarantees their reliability and efficiency in operation.
AZMOL greases
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