AZMOL Forward Plus 80W-85

Specifications: SAE 80W-85, API GL-4;
API MT1; MIL-L 2105/2105 D; MAN 341 Z1 (N)/MAN 342 M1 (N)/М2; MB 235.0/235.1

AZMOL Forward Plus 80W-85 GL-4 is a multigrade transmission oil that is used in
mechanical transmissions of cars, it is recommended for use in front-wheel drive
transmissions. It can also be used in manual gearboxes of trucks, buses and other
equipment where API GL-4 oils are recommended. The oil is made from high quality base
oils and carefully selected additive packages. It provides excellent fluidity and reliable
lubrication of mechanisms even at low temperatures and extreme stress conditions,
prevents corrosion on gears and bearings in the presence of moisture.