AZMOL Famula M 15W-40

APPROVED MB-Approval 228.3
APPROVED Cummins CES 20078
APPROVED Volvo VDS-3; Renault RLD-2; Mack EO-N

Specifications: SAE 15W-40; API CI-4/SL Licence; ACEA E7/B4/A3;
Cummins CES 20077/20076; MAN 3275-1; Deutz DQC III; MTU Type 2, CAT ECF-1a

AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 is a universal mineral motor oil of SHPD class (Super High Performance Diesel). It is recommended for use in mixed fleets, having in its composition of diesel high- and medium-loaded equipment, as well as equipment with gasoline engines. It is made on the basis of high-purity high-quality base oils in combination with the latest generation multifunctional additive package. It guarantees reliable protection of the engine against wear and corrosion in harsh environments.